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Kemi Sulola is a singer songwriter, artist and creative producer. 

She has been making her mark within the underground UK R&B/Soul scene throughout her career , through her music  projects, creative collaborations and performances. As such she is now  taking it further, expanding her fan base around the world and forming wider connections within the industry. 

Reminiscent of the 90’s era but with a contemporary vibrancy, Kemi Sulola’s silky smooth vocals are wonderfully nostalgic. Her message is that of  positivity, warmth and love. She has a penchant for  authentic messaging in her songwriting, and a mission to bring good energy and vibrations through hers songs.  

Born and raised in the heart of East London. growing up in a home with the sweet sounds of Reggae and Afrobeats from her parents, mixed with gospel, Motown and jazz, as well as the sounds of hiphop and RnB introduced  to her by her brothers. Kemi’s own music , while mainly rooted in soul and rnb is therefore heavily diverse as you hear the influences of the music she grew up on within it. As such her sound blends and extrapolates from different styles such as jazz, reggae, rock  and soulful pop.

Past Releases


Her first release was an 8 track  E.P project called ‘Fallen For You’, which gained recognition in the music industry and had radio play from several stations, such as BBC Radio 1xtra, Capital Xtra , Raw Soul radio and  support from other media outlets. RnB don Trevor Nelson mentioned how he had enjoyed playing the EP in his car. The project is a blend of soul and RnB music and has been described as ‘refreshing, versatile and soulful’.

From there, Kemi made her first solo television performance on London Live TV, performing an acoustic version of her original song ‘Your Lady’, which was one of the leading songs from the EP. After the EP Kemi went on to release other singles,  such as ‘Nothing Compares’ that has been praised amongst the independent soul community, gaining positions on the Breaking Artists independent chart show and other independent charts . The single was later remixed by Manny Talvez , giving the track a summery funky vibe, listen here. 

Next, she released ‘Raindrops’ which was premiered by GUAP magazine. as well as reviewed by platforms such as You Know I Got Soul. She has released charity singles such as ‘Justice’  and 'New Form’. Most recently she has released her single ‘IF’ ( Information below) 

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Kemi has collaborated with a number of artists on different projects. Her first came after she was invited to be part of the compilation album called Growing Pains. Her song ‘Countdown’ with its RnB and Grime mix was featured on the project along side other artists, such as Skepta, AJ Tracey, Nadia Rose and other upcoming artists in the UK. The song was featured in articles by Complex UK and Fader, as well as played on BBC Radio. A remix of Countdown was also featured on a remix compilation that was later released. 

Kemi has also made collaborations with artists around  world. She featured on the  ‘Be Optimistic’ cover by the Soulfest Collective, which she is a member of, along with 10 other international artists. In 2021 she orchestrated and formed ‘Diaspora 7’ who covered the song ‘Black Pride’  for Black History month and women’s month, this featured herself with 6 other independent female artists from Kenya Dominican Republic, South Africa and other countries. Her duet with the American artist Trusoul Davis for the song ‘Real Love,’ entered top 5 at the R&B Amazon new releases chart. Listen to her other collaborations with artists here 



Kemi has performed at well-known venues in and around London such as the  Troy Bar, Roundhouse, Rainbow Theatre and  the Jazz Cafe. She supported Stormzy and Krept and Konan at the KOKO Camden, as well as Grammy Award winning artist and musician PJ Morton at his London show. At one private event, Kemi performed to members of the royal family where  HRH Earl of Wessex commended her on her songwriting and performance abilities. Early 2020 she opened for R&B legend Teedra Moses at her successful sold out 15th anniversary show at the renowned London Hideaway club.

Additionally Kemi has done many online performances via zoom and other live streaming. From performing with iLive Soulfest based in Canada, to Live Nation Middle East and the Hidden Truth platform via zoom. 

Credibility and Support


Her various singles have been reviewed and praised amongst several platforms

in the independent soul/ R&B communities. She has received rave reviews from

the likes of 'You Know I Got Soul’, ‘SoulTracks’, ‘GRM Daily’, ‘Link UP Tv’,

‘New Wave Magazine’, ‘Creative Gen’, ‘The Blues project’ and many more.

She was interviewed live in Canada on I Live Radio for her release of

'Nothing Compares' back in 2019. Kemi’s music continues to receive radio play

from many reputable radio stations, such as  BBC shows presented by DJ Ace,

Jeremiah Asiamah, Dj Target and Sian Anderson. Including different shows on

Capital Xtra, Reprezent Radio, No Signal Radio , Mi Soul radio, Soho Radio,

The Beat London 103.6 and many more global radio stations .

Her music has been play listed on Real buzz radio, I live radio in Canada,

and Neo2Soul radio. She has gained chart positions on the Breaking Artists

independent chart show and The Urban Influencer for her music.

She recently won the play-listing competition for her new song ‘IF’ on

Amazing Radio after being featured on the Audition show.


Her credibility and respect as an artist, has led to her being invited to join the Brit Award Voting Academy, where she was able to use her voice to nominate some of the most credible acts in British music for the prestigious Brit Award.


Kemi has also received several awards and recognition for her work, such as winning ‘Most memorable Act' from the Music of the Soul platform in 2019, receiving an honorary award from the ‘AME Awards’ in 2017 for outstanding commitment and dedication to music and for  ‘Best of the Week’ from the UK Entertainment Awards in 2021. She also has won ‘Tune of the Week’ for different songs by multiple platforms such as Global Soul, The Blues Project and I Live Radio. As of 2021 She won 'Best New Artist' by Style and Sound and The Golden Halo Awards. 


Bolstered by pop icon Janet Jackson sharing her music on Instagram and  imploring Kemi to keep singing, Kemi’s work has also been commended by other industry professionals in the R&B genre such as award winning producers Calvin Haggins and Ivan Barias and other songwriters in the industry.

Therefore Kemi continues to prove why she’s on the rise within the UK’s R&B scene, this is seen through the feedback from many R&B Soul platforms and the individuals who support her music around the world.


Charity and Community Work


Giving back to her community with her art is important to Kemi. She does this through performing at charitable organisations, such as the Haven House Children's Hospice and Crisis Homeless Charity. She has also worked with ATD Fourth World, who work against poverty and other world issues.

Additionally Kemi has used her music to highlight certain charitable causes. Her song ‘Justice' written in light of the George Floyd case and other stories of racial injustice, raised funds for BLAM Charity, an organisation committed to the wellbeing and esteem of young black individuals. Her song ‘New Form’ championed by DJ Target at BBC 1Xtra was used to raise awareness for her health condition and funds for Sarcoidosis UK.

As a songwriter, supported by organisations such as the PRS Foundation, she writes her own music, but also has sessions with other songwriters and artists within her field. Kemi has used her skills to teach children both at schools and at community centres, as well as one to one with individual artists.


In addition to music, Kemi uses visual content to tell her stories and further express her creativity. For instance her first animation music video ‘In my Dreams’, has received recognition from renown animator Galen Pehrson as well as Stephen Nixon who has worked on projects with artists such as Coldplay.

Kemi wrote and directed the work, as she has done with many of her musical videos and visual works. As well as musical arrangements which she has put together herself. E.g. Diaspora 7- Black Pride


Development and skills


Passionate about the art of music, Kemi constantly is challenging herself to be a better artist, taking part in online production courses and vocal practice. Studying music theory and piano, Kemi is able to develop her songs on the piano and also often coproduces with her producers on her songs.  As a songwriter, supported by organisations such as PRS Foundation and the Ivors Academy she writes her own music, but also has sessions with other songwriters and artists within her field. You can see some of her collaborations here.  She has been commended for her ability to write songs ‘with a catchy pop sensibilities and honest relatable songwriting’ - ‘Creative Gen Uk ‘, and is aiming to take her songwriting to greater heights as she works on more collaborations. As of 2022 she has been supported by Help Musicians to take part in songwriting camps and has been developing her own studio space to continue songwriting sessions and other artistic development for herself and for those in the community. 


Current Work


Kemi remains focused on her pursuit to make a mark in the music industry and aims to end this year with a bang by Introducing us to the light and sweet vibes of ‘IF’ her current release. ‘IF’  sees Kemi delivering an infectious UK R&B masterclass with catchy pop sensibilities and honest relatable lyrics. As well as the original , Kemi has shared two special remixes of the song, which have both received great reviews radio support and recognition in their respective genres.


The IF More Night Remix - The new UK Garage remix of ‘IF’ carries over Kemi’s infectious UK R&B and pop sensibilities from the original track  remixed by MoreNight Music. This captivating UK Garage remix adds another dimension to ‘IF’, with its glorious bass-line, infectious drum patterns and lush synths. The version has been included in the GUAP Magazine’s Monday Mood playlist, as well as added to CD Pools BEATs November CD.


For the ‘IF’ Andre Solid Remix, Kemi works with the Grammy nominated beat maker and producer Andre Solid. This collaboration gives ‘IF’ its new flare, but also introduces the world to Kemi’s first official reggae release. It has received support from ChaaWaa Radio , Supreme FM and the Reggae Fraternity UK as well as performing the song live at the renowned Hootananny Brixton.

All versions of the song have allowed Kemi to reach new audiences  and bring her soulful infused sounds to the world .She is still to release the final remix version of ‘IF’ which will be an Afro-house/Ama-piano version.

As of 2023 Kemi has created her first AI song with the collaboration of members from York university, led by Doctor Tom Collins. Both of them along with Harriet Raynor and the following remaining members of Rebel Algorithms - Adrián Barahona- Ríos, Chenyu Gao, Mark Hanslip and Kyle Worrall created VTGO aka VERTIGO. Which was entered in the Ai Song Contest 2023 and came 3rd place. The song will soon to be released on all platforms soon. Read more and on hear on the song via the homepage.

Story and Moving forward

Whilst working to overcome her health condition,  Neurosarcoidosis . Kemi remains focused on her pursuit to make a mark in the music industry but also open to share her health and healing journey. You can follow her story and vlog on her health here by following her youtube channel 'Everything is Healing'. 

She has done interviews and shared her story with charities such as Sarcoidosis UK and internationally with Permission To Fly 


So whether it’s a spontaneous moment like free styling backstage with American rapper and artist Common , or her recognition and encouragement from superstars like Janet Jackson, Kemi certainly has a uniqueness that cannot be denied and is set to bring something refreshing to the world with her music and life story. 

Back on the live scene,  you may occasionally catch Kemi at your local jam session or at an open mic gigging out with different musicians .

For the moment she is working on new projects,. Such as her long awaited, highly anticipated EP Room 3, which arrives next year, offering us an exciting undiscovered edge to Kemi’s artistry and life changing story.

Check out and see Kemi perform live by checking her events page 

Finally make sure to join the mailing list at the bottom of the page with your email address for exclusives and to keep up to date! 

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