**Live performance** 

Performing Live on London Live TV!!

I had a great time performing at London live TV a few weeks back, here is footage from the show! 



Your lady live at capital xtra's music potential 

After taking part in Music Potential , I had the opportunity to perfrom my song with the live IITS band 

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**Music Videos**

In My Dreams

Directed by Kemi Sulola and Kevin SMY 

Edited and Filmed by Kevin SMY

Produced by DJBeatzt,

© Kemi  Sulola 2015.

Take You There

Directed by Kemi Sulola, Sov Media, XWmedia

Edited and Filmed by XWMedia

Produced by Kid In The Vault,

© Kemi  Sulola 2015.

Your Lady

Directed by Kemi Sulola, Sov Media, Lorenzo Guerrieri 

Edited and Filmed by Lorenzo  Guerrieri

Produced by Jrocs,

© Kemi  Sulola 2015

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Youtube *More to come*

Father father Laura Mvula Cover 

Cover of Laura Mvula's Father Father, from her amazing album 'Sing to the Moon'! Great song and one of my favourite female artists!

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