© Kemi Sulola 2019

Music Videos:

Fallen for you

in my dreams 

Directed by Kemi Sulola and Kevin SMY 

Edited and Filmed by Kevin SMY

Produced by DJBeatzt,

© Kemi  Sulola 2015.

Take you there 

Directed by Kemi Sulola, Sov Media, XWmedia

Edited and Filmed by XWMedia

Produced by Kid In The Vault,

© Kemi  Sulola 2015.


Directed by Kemi Sulola, Sov Media, Lorenzo Guerrieri 

Edited and Filmed by Lorenzo  Guerrieri

Produced by Jrocs,

© Kemi  Sulola 2015.

Youtube *more to come*

Father father Laura Mvula Cover 

Cover of Laura Mvula's Father Father, from her amazing album 'Sing to the Moon'! Great song and one of my favourite female artists!

Live Performance 

Your lady live at capital xtra's music potential 

After taking part in Music Potential 2015, I had the opportunity to perfrom my song with a live band, sharing the stage with Stormzy, Krept and Konan and Melissa Steel 

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