The Search Continues

November 17, 2016


The truth is the ones you need aren't here


maybe far from here in fact.

Keep searching 


Look around , analyse 

and plan your journey to find them


Plan it now 

While you suffocate, continue to be made smaller and taken away from what you are 

While you become broken 


Continue to be broken 


In fact let it break you in every way 

let it open you and release every piece of you

let it dismantle and unsettle you  

so you become near the dust particles you are made of 

So broken 

That you have no choice but to be remade

unless of course you choose to be nothing but the dust particles you are made of 


And as you are remade 

you can get up and search for the true ones 


the ones who are out there just for you 

They are probably searching for you too 

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Words and Thoughts 

This page is for some of my writings, many of which i would usually keep on my personal devices, but recently i have had the urge to want to share them in a public space, to put them on this blog. Many of them are written in the moment with no thought, just how i felt or was thinking  at the time. Some are pieces from years ago, some are songs, some are poems, stories, advise, reviews, my views, music stuff like recording processes etc. anything really. They are words and thoughts. 

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