Something For the train journey

October 18, 2016

I'm going to write something for the train journey, 

Something for the distance from where i am, to where I need to be

Something for the moments in between 

Something to take my mind of the places that I am departing

Something for my pen to connect with this page, 

Something for my mind to create

Something in the air

Something that i can not predict 

But that I know will come 

Something that will substitute my focus 

And direct me from this feeling 

Something anything,anything that comes out 

Just a little something for the train journey 

(Free writing on the train from or to coventry on the 30th of November 2013)



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Words and Thoughts 

This page is for some of my writings, many of which i would usually keep on my personal devices, but recently i have had the urge to want to share them in a public space, to put them on this blog. Many of them are written in the moment with no thought, just how i felt or was thinking  at the time. Some are pieces from years ago, some are songs, some are poems, stories, advise, reviews, my views, music stuff like recording processes etc. anything really. They are words and thoughts. 

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