Live in full

August 21, 2016



Look at you all grown now, and you’ve done all you had to do to be here 

But now you’re finding out, life,

Isn’t what its supposed to be 

What you thought it was about 

And so you doubt

And I’ve told you before 

One door, 

The one, you need ,to find to be on your way

Its on your way

So be on your way 

Cause you should be living 

And living life  in full 


You should be living and living in full 



You can search endlessly 

For something you already have 

In front of you , something deep within you 

I know that they can get you down, 

Better keep your head up high

And know that theres a light in you 

As the sun shines for you 

So you should be living 

and living in full 

Said you should be living and living life in full


No matter what times throw at you 

Don’t let it take part of you 

If not for them, but for you 

You should be living 

And living life in full 




So make your way

Hold on to that goal

I know

we’ve all been there before

But young one

Go forth and shine 

In full if not for them but for you 

I’ve seen you, I know who you are 

And we all know 

Don’t forget 

When you feel like you can’t hold 

Remember who you are 

You star  

You’re a star

Oh know that you should be living 

and living in full 

oh you should be living and living life in full 




its clear they don’t see

you weren’t the image to fit in 

you are square in a round world 

round, it all goes around 

so know it will change 

know this is for a while 

to make you better 

but if you get caught 

you’ll be here forever

so get out and get 

whats yours

its yours and for you 

and you should be living and living in full 


and go sing about it 

and go sing about 

go sing about it 

sing your song 

and live 


live your life in full 

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Words and Thoughts 

This page is for some of my writings, many of which i would usually keep on my personal devices, but recently i have had the urge to want to share them in a public space, to put them on this blog. Many of them are written in the moment with no thought, just how i felt or was thinking  at the time. Some are pieces from years ago, some are songs, some are poems, stories, advise, reviews, my views, music stuff like recording processes etc. anything really. They are words and thoughts. 

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