room 3

coming 2021

Pause to stop music

After developing a chronic inflammatory health condition my life took an unexpected turn for what was initially the worst. Everything completely changed ! long story short due to this i had to endure a long stay in hospital.

In that period whilst staying in Room 3 Ward 12! One of the highest floors of the hospital! I gained a higher self!

 It was one of the hardest moments of my life, the loneliest place, a lot of pain both mentally and physically .. But at the same time I also found myself having plenty of time for reflection. 

 I found perspective and healing, a new freedom!

In that moment I connected with something greater than me and found a strength to keep going. In that moment ROOM 3 was written.



'And it feels free

at the royal fre

where i lost me 

but found me '


Healing is a process and as such the journey continues