'Freedom Its a feeling'

Ms Simone says its a feeling, its no fear'

I believe freedom is like a treasure within all of us, remember 'we were called to be free' and so I believe we must find our freedom via our purpose and let take centre stage in how we interact within this world and with others. Freedom is letting go, inhibitions let go. Freedom is a relief and it is a feeling, it is fearlessness. It feels endless when you tap into it, especially in a place that was once so restricted, when you allow it to let go you instantly feel energised.

So how do we become free? How do we get this feeling?

We must know the truth, for the truth will set you free.

You have to recognise the truth, you don't necessary have to search for it- its there, you need to recognise it.

I just watched Cant Stop Wont Stop a documentary by Sean Combs. I got exactly what I needed to get from it. He had this clip by Nina Simone and it played a couple or three times throughout the documentary, It just resonated with me. I have been feeling a shift and the documentary solidified that the process is right. Its strange because I cant fully explain it, I just feel it constantly pull at me. I have come to accept that not many will understand and its going to be uncomfortable and lonely. I couldn't accept that for a while, but now I accept that and I must be obedient to this process.

'Use freedom as an opportunity to serve one another through love' The link to the source of it all, Love And what is love,

the most important of them all,

Love drives out fear,

love is fearless

and so love is freedom

freedom is love

for freedom is fearless


'This weekend I've been having mad migraines, fatigue has had me all over the place, sleeping when i should be awake, awake when i should be sleeping,

having rice for breakfast and cereal for the evening

but amongst the unconventional behaviour

I remained centred

In these moments is when Im spoken to the most

I pay attention to messenger, the highest

Lord of Hosts,

and as I grow

he keeps me close For he knows

even in the night, i watch the Light,

as it shines upon my seed,

Whom the Sun Son sets free is free indeed'

Source : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Si5uW6cnyG4 https://itunes.apple.com/us/music-movie/cant-stop-wont-stop-a-bad-boy-story/id1251244843

#CantStopWontStop #ToBeFree #Freedom

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