The Scene 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

Big love to the scene in the UK, for music in the UK.

In London, where I have been born and raised,

I'm at the heart of it,

a part of it ( however small at the moment)

but much bigger than me, or the individual influencers - whom much props is given ( I can name them later)

but what it represents , that unity is key in this

I spent so much of my life looking abroad for inspiration- I think we all did at some point , but its right beneath my nose, right at my door step

in east! East the heart of it all, some of my favourites from here, but all of london and Birmingham too.

All our sounds, and the many forms of it, soul RnB, hip hop and taking the forefront now Grime, with our unique British influences but the sounds of Africa and the caribbean ringing under we have formed our own lane....

May we continue in it

May we continue to appreciate what we have

Support, grow and inspire (PS : #GSAP for number 1 ( Blinded by your grace if the one)

© Kemi Sulola 2020