Expression connects| For Dilla

James Dewitt Yancey

'Cause wasn't none realer than James Dewitt Yancey....

You never gone, you live forever through song, I feel it when I see them with them Dilla shirts on'

- Common, Rewind That

There are some people who have the ability to connect to the depths of your soul. You don't have to know them, but through their expression you connect with them,

J Dilla is one of those individuals, one of the greatest producers I've listened to.

True expression connects

I remember there were days at uni, real tough days where I would just listen to his beats on constant repeat.Whether his instrumentals or songs with other artists.

For example I would listen to Life ( Homework Edit) for hours- doing nothing but listening and staring/ listening, getting lost in each cycle of the chords , that seemed to go deeper and deeper with each sequence. It just drew more emotion out each turn, more feeling - completely hypnotising but freeing. Thats what his music does, some can be the most simple productions ( simple in that its too many random chords and sounds, its calm! its all about feeling). I live for that feeling you know!

But not even just the pensive moments, but the good moments, the ones that just make me feel Euphoria! Generally that is hip hop for me! it gets me.

There is a part of me that needs it- the same way like i need food, real talk!! Dilla's music fills a big chunk of that.

Its soul music. Soul music .

Thank you Mr Yancey!

Thank you for your inspiration

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