I needed space,


literally space, to gather my thoughts and self,

this is not a poem by the way.. this is rambles .. these are thoughts

Its 3:17 am and I wanted to write this here..

I had got home from the cinema not long ago and watched 'Arrival'

it made me think more

more about this life and its purpose, Gods purpose.

But honestly again got me thinking about what is really out there

Things beyond but not out of line of my christian beliefs. Of course God created Earth and made man in his image, He made the moon and the stars ( Genesis 1:16, Psalm 8:3 etc) . He mad the universe. But what a universe.

I wonder with apparently over 100 billion galaxies, but only one earth? only one planet with life? There must be more. Maybe there is another earth, one that is better pleasing, more loving more unity or maybe its worse... and i wonder what the life forms look like.

With over 7 billion people in the world ( and this is just that that has been recorded) with that many and with our variety in culture, language, size, height, skin, hair, facial structure- so much difference. All unique and perfect .

I do wonder if there is more.

Could there be other forms of life that we have not connected to yet. Or maybe we have and have been uninformed. Or maybe they are aware of us and we will one day connect.

Possibly a little excited from a good film, but these are thoughts that i do think about.

I often have this feeling within me where ever I go that there is so much more to this life. Even within my personal world, there is so much more than what is happening in my life as an individual there is so much more bigger than me and my situations.

This is probably why I often feel slightly out of myself- i find it hard to connect to what is in my world because I constantly see out of it and around it so I feel a disconnect to it - I see more than what I'm surrounded by. I feel this can be a good thing but also a bad one....

But i will spare the details of that for now...

But i must reconnect, i must connect


Ultimately there is more out there. Within this world, there is so much more to see and understand and educate myself on . I have a strong urge from within to explore this and develop myself and so I need that space.

Space to really take in the enrichments and knowledge of this earth. Space to grow

Space to feel.

But constantly deep in thought...

"What is your purpose on Earth?"

#space #thoughts

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