In My Dreams

Now I lay

Me down to sleep

I pray my soul to keep

Whats good and whats right

On this cool night

Drifting away

Moving to a place thats not so far away

To find you waiting

In My Dreams

And as i stare into your eyes this is paradise

And i see the reflection of my reflection

in your reflection

This attraction we share sight

Even day I see visions of you

But the time just seizes by

And i cant stay so

I just wait to see you

In My Dreams

We've left earth far behind

Were in a cosmic land

Producing feelings and strong images in my mind

So deeply and intensely

That i don't want to go

Hold on something isn't right

Have i gone wrong?

Cause I've been in this daze

For so long

For so long

So don't you fade away

Don't you fade away

I need you

Hold on, Hold on

Dawns breaking we don't have long

I hope that you'll still be here

Waiting waiting in my dreams

In my dreams

In my .

In my dreams

I need you

I need you now

Reality may think I'm hiding away

But i know where you are

And id rather be there

Though I'm going out my mind

And in and out of states

I refuse to leave you

Im so drawn so drawn

And i don't know what will come after today

But if this should die just as i should wake

This hope for us i make

I pray the Lord to take

Me with you

So i'll be in this dream forever




In My Dreams

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