Peace Of Mind

I was yet to find peace of mind,

but in the moment of madness

in the wild,

among the noise

i found peace,

it came so softly... and made a sing an old song

'Something out there is waiting just for you

to take you further than you ever knew

and feelings feel real

once you know this truth

so find your journey

through an avenue

it was as i dwelt in solitude

that my time of clarity ensued

something inside of me just spoke

its like my inner being awoke

and now i see

now i see

and i feel free

i feel free

Prior to this revelation i assumed

that someone like me could never find the truth

so i stayed inside

so many nights down on my knees

praying for joy to come

but it came as i looked up to the sky

and saw the birds glide in the sky

and children playing in the streets

and wondering

what to this picture could i bring

and everything felt so pure and bright

when you are living life with open eyes

and there is an endless list of possibilities

and i know it starts inside of me

and now i see

now i see

and i feel free

i feel free

and it came so softly

it came so softly to me

it came so softly and now i see '

it came so softly

to me'

Peace of mind

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