Distance (Till we become Strangers)

25th October 00:52am

There is distance

Within the field and spaces between us,

There is great distance

Somewhere between then and now, there is great distance and I cannot get closer,

Because as I move in, you move out

And so as a result we remain apart,

'Why we acting like were strangers... Fumbling we aint strangers....

'You were one of the first to make me believe in my first sixteens...'

'Even though we grew apart, were still a partnership...'

'Why we acting like were strangers'

Echos in my head


And I'm not sure why there is distance

But there is

The distance says so much or maybe nothing at all

The distance leaves me feeling restless and misplaced

Lost and guilty of wrongs

The distance makes me reflect

The distance is unsettling

Although I seek for restoration

and Unity

We cannot restore

Well mainly because you choose to remain so

Maybe there are others who have continued

to wedge this gap

Continued to pull us

With their words in your head

They pushed you further

But how could I blame them

This distance is my fault

I take responsibility

for maybe the lack of appreciation i had shown

and now I bare the consequence

As they say, you never know a good thing until its gone

This distance that I want to jump across

That I want to pull together

But don't know how to

Or maybe its not worth it

As you are happy where you are

or at least seem to be

Although this distance is tearing me

This distance is good for you

And if it good for you,

I will take the ache for your freedom of me

and so we can continue as we now are

Distant, with this great distance

till we become strangers

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