For Women's History Month 2021, Kemi gathers herself and 6 other black female artists from all around the world to form #Diaspora 7! Together the ladies have put together a unique rendition of Black Pride!

The song, originally performed by Black British reggae singer Kofi, expresses the love, beauty and pride of being Black. In a time where Black women have often been marginalised the message of this song is important to hear ! The hope of this cover is to inspire and empower! to show the diversity and talent of black women


What better way to empower and celebrate this beauty than by showcasing some up and coming fresh talents from around the world collaborating together?

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i WANTED TO DO SOMETHING TO CELEBRATE BLACK WOMEN, SOMETHING TO SHOW OUR DIVERSITY. IT WASN'T EASY TO find 6 other women with the same mindset who could do this , so this project was in fact a long time coming, but fortunately over time I connected with the right artists, who are all doing great things in their own way, so it was an honour to have them bring this idea to life! rEGARDING THE SONG CHOICE, black pride is a song that was performed by kofi- a big classic and a song that was popular during my parents time

Diaspora 7 consists of:

Jade Leatham of Dominica 

Kemi Sulola of the United Kingdom 

Lisa Odour of Kenya

Minni Manchester of America

Pilani  Bubu of South Africa

Sun Raae of Canada

Teshay Makeda of The United Kingdom

Music production remade by Andre Solid

Video by  Joana Lirio

Mix and Master by Richard Akam

© Kemi Sulola 2020