As well as performing as an artist there are a few other things I do as a creative person  within the community from working with and teaching music to individuals, mentoring and also vlogging on youtube spreading awareness of my health condition. 

Everything Is Healing!

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Everything is Healing is about my journey to a better whole self. It will explore how I am using everything around me to work towards my healing . As ive been dealing with Neurosarcoidosis for the last 4 years. I thought this could be a good place to share my experience with the condition and what i'm doing to overcome it. I hope it inspires and motivates others ( whether dealing with a chronic condition or not). But also to encourage you to do what you love, as I also share some of my musical aspirations and creative processes. Come on the journey with me!

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Sulola's Voice 

'a soulful voice within the community'

Working with young people, schools and independent music academies within the community sharing the art of music.

Kemi has worked with  the following groups teaching vocal, performance, piano and songwriting sessions. 

+ Harrison Music Academy

+ Never such innocence

+ Newham college

+ 1 to 1 with independent artists


if you would like to get in contact and work with Kemi  one to one or with your community groups. Please get in contact with the contact page HERE