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 The truth is I love to sing and write songs, It’s my dream and has been for the longest time.  However too many of times I had found myself in positions where I had hidden from doing what I had always wanted to do. Where I had stopped dreaming! Whether this was because I was scared of the opinions of others, fear of exposing myself creatively (and maybe personally) or just not being sure if I was good enough… Whatever the excuse I was holding back from what was truly in my heart, to sing, to write, to perform, to share, to create! . So there was a constant internal debate within me; between who i was, what i was doing and what I should have been doing. This was the conflict

However despite this there was always something deep within that stirred me - a light that kept me around music,  so from singing in choirs, performing on the BBC,  local events and open mics, to singing in church. I couldn’t completely pull away. Something within me was telling me to follow my goal.

I am grateful for that light that didn’t dim even when I tried to hide it, that light that pushed me to truly knowing what I want and who i can be - because light no matter how small always shines in the dark. 

  Its time to share those songs written in my room at the back of an old maths book, to bring those voice notes on my phone and melodies in my head to life!

Follow The Light| Kemi Sulola

Singer| Songwriter| Creative| Artist

"I am grateful for that light that didnt dim, even when i tried to hide it, that light that pushed me to truly knowing what I want and can be "

 'Heart fluttering RnB' - Fader UK Magazine 

‘ Strong vocals, she sings beautifully’ - Certified UK

Notable Past Events ( see more here
03/07 - Live Arts Radio Birmingham 
02/08 - BBC WM Radio
06/08 - Project Soundlounge- Town Hall

'Heart fluttering RnB' - Fader UK 

'Strong vocals, she sings beautifully' - Certified UK 

(before performing at an event, hosted by Norte) 'Yes I remember her, great singer' - Manny Norte 

I get a lot of cods/demos that I never listen to, but I listened to {Kemi's} a few times! - Trevor Nelson 

 ‘ Reminds me of the golden era of RnB’ - Ayishat Akanbi